When do you know if your Child is being Bullied

When does a parent know whether or not their child is being bullied?

Bullying is a repeated form of attack whether verbal, physical or cyber bullying. Random name-calling and teasing are just that  – random. Yes, parents need to be aware that little ‘Johnny’ was teased at school today, but that does not mean you have to go racing up to the school.


Ask questions.

“Has X done this to you or someone else before?”

If NO then it is probably an isolated incident and unfortunately part of every child’s growing pains. Usually, in these cases, the children have long since forgotten what happened and moved on.

If YES, now is the time to act.


2 thoughts on “When do you know if your Child is being Bullied”

  1. Greg popped into the school bathroom one day just as I arrived to collect him. He took ages coming out and then an older boy sauntered out and I asked him if he was bullying my son. He had been and he got such a fright when I confronted him we never had trouble with him again.


    1. It was good that you confronted him, sometime kids are just too scared or embarrassed to speak to a parent, or afraid their parent will go off at the deep end. Keeping a cool head is what counts for your child and reassuring them that it is ok to talk to you


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