Polly’s Piralympics is a series of books about pirates that hold their own Paralympic games. there are five books in the series:
Polly’s Piralympics, Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics, Polly’s Indoor Piralympics, Polly’s Playground Piralympics and Polly’s Winter Piralympics.

We all have ‘challenges’ just some, especially physical challenges are more obvious than others. Polly’s adventures highlight how the pirates compete and interact with each other and their challenges. We are reminded that one arm, one eye, no legs are the obvious one but can’t hear, can’t see, can’t speak without a stutter are less obvious until we interact with the person. Less obvious again are the most common ones, one we probably all suffer from one way or another, can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t cook, can’t ride a bicycle, to name some. we all have challenges.

Polly’s adventures show us how it is not cool to bully, and how it is not cool to cheat.

In the first of the series Polly’s Piralympics we meet vuvuzela playing Zulus; kilted, bagpipe playing, Scots; cowboy, guitar playing Americans; tattooed Maoris; yellow turbaned Indian and Abba singing Viking pirates, all going for GOLD.

In the following books we meet the girl pirates as well as other new crews and see how they interact and cope with their Piralympic Games, friendships, rivalries, and of course challenges.

So if you haven’t done so already grab a copy of Polly’s Piralympics and immerse yourself in the modern world of pirates.





Beat the Bully

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