Indie Authors Networking

Indie Authors Networking is a group I set up when I realised I knew absolutely nothing about self-publishing. After talking to Deborah Du Plooy – the Go-To book lady at Skoobs, I realised I was a newborn in the world of publishing and needed to learn very, very fast. With her permission, I set up a group which has now grown on Facebook to over 600 members – Indie Authors Networking.

Debs, Kim Hunter and I run the group and invite monthly speakers to talk on various areas of self-publishing, which are sent out live for those who cannot make the meetings in person. We have covered: covers, Amazon, editing, printing, marketing and marketing and marketing etc.

We are located at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Montecasino, Johannesburg; which is a fantastic platform for Indie Authors having launched over 200 Indies in under 2 years. There are amazing facilities including, a bar, books, talks, other authors, oh and did I mention a bar – everything newbie authors need to settle their nerves, get to know the trade, and launch into their new careers, that of a ‘real’ author.

It is a fantastic platform to meet other authors and realise YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and things you do not know how to do, are things others also do not know how to do, but there are people out there who can help you. Plus it’s nice to just be able to socialise with other like-minded people once a month and share a coffee or glass of wine in an atmosphere that oozes books and book-talk as well as being just a really cook place.

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