Polly’s Piralympics

Polly the parrot has an idea. She shares out their recent bounty of prosthetic arms, racing wheelchairs and blades. Polly’s captain, Captain Hake then challenges the other pirates to a Piralympic Games, (Paralympics for Pirates.)

With 18thcentury galleons, swords, walking the plank, gold doubloons, 21st century technology, sonar, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, prosthetic limbs, blades and racing wheelchairs, put it all together and you have the Pirate Piralympic Games.

Read how the multicultural fleet of pirates, vuvuzela playing Zulus; kilted, bagpipe playing, Scots; cowboy, guitar playing Americans; tattooed Maoris; yellow turbaned Indian and Abba singing Viking pirates, all want to win Captain Kingklip’s locker of gold doubloons.

The Games include the 3 legged race, the walk the plank diving competition, catapult shooting, climb the rigging gymnastics, fencing, and a Pirate Masterchef competition, plus many more. Through these the pirates learn comradeship, what happens to cheats and why bullying isn’t cool.

Beat the Bully

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