Talks, Festivals and Book Fairs

Over the past year, I have been invited to attend Festivals, Book Fairs and Conferences to talk about my books and why they are different. Why, they have even been taken up by schools as part of their grade 3 set workbooks.

So whether a Headmaster’s Conference, a Workshop at a Festival or chatting to kids in schools, I have shown how Polly looks at bullying and how to deal with a bully. This theme is always topical as there are always (unfortunately) going to be bullies in our society. So teaching young people how to handle a bully or make themselves less of a target was the main theme I was asked to talk on.

She is also a pretty smart bird and has also looked at disabilities/challenges and how disability does not mean inability. The Pirates hold their own Paralympic Games, teach about throwing litter and how it ends up in our oceans, they have looked at global warming and how it is affecting Inuit communities, and the dangers of taking sweets from strangers.

I love writing about Polly and her multicultural pirates because it lends to so many topics that young people should be aware of and doing something about.

However, I was asked by several friends with younger children (5-8 year-olds) to write for them also, thus was born Toucane. He has his own series which include African Superheroes  – the Rubbish Ranger who tackle the issues of rubbish. Also, Toucane looks at prejudice and how it can be overcome through friendship and my most recent book on Stranger Danger. I will shortly be starting a series of events aimed at these younger readers too.

Lastly, there is a new Series which will be out in the New Year for even younger little ones (2-6 year-olds) and I will be giving talks to pre-schoolers in the New Year.

Beat the Bully

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