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Off to Ireland

Polly and the Pirates are off to Ireland for the next leg in their Piralympic adventure

Yes, Loch Ness monsters, Leprechauns, Pirates and of course Polly the Parrot will be making an appearance in the latest Polly’s Piralympics Series.

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Those Pesky Leprechauns

Those Pesky Leprechauns.

Polly meets the Leprechauns, but watch out as they are out to steal the pirate’s GOLD!

Meet Tricksy Short Legs, Clumsy Green Feet and Hairy Freckle face as they join Polly and the Pirates in this next exciting adventure, in the Polly’s Piralympics Series.

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Polly’s Piralympics new release!

A new Polly book is out in 2 weeks

It is always exciting when you finish a book, but for me when I finish a Polly book, it is something special. She just sort of grows on you. I love writing these books and watching the children’s faces when I read to them (Adults too for that matter, ha, ha, ha.)

Well, the 6th Polly book is now complete and I will have Polly and all my books at the Kingsmead Book Fair on Saturday 25th May. So, if you’ve heard about Polly and not met her, now’s your chance. Puppet Polly and her friends will be there as well as Toucane and his books. Come with your kids and let them meet Polly and get your copy of the Polly’s Piralympics Series signed.


Snitching v’s Bullying


So, what is the difference? The main difference here is the intent.

Snitching is:

  • Trying to get someone in trouble or hurt them
  • Looking for attention
  • Done because you want to get your own way
  • Telling when it is not bullying or important and could be handled by yourself

Reporting is:

  • Telling a parent/teacher/guardian about a situation that is dangerous.
  • Looking out for your safety (both physical and emotional) of yourself and your peers when severely threatened
  • Speaking up because something is really wrong; not because you want to get someone into trouble.
  • when you can’t resolve the problem and need adult intervention

This is often difficult for kids especially as they get older. They often will NOT report something that SHOULD BE reported for fear of retribution from the bully as well as their peers.

My book How Polly Became a Pirate is being used in schools in Johannesburg, South Africa to help younger kids up to 12 years old get around the problem of ‘snitching’. At the end of each chapter, there is an interactive page where they can ‘talk to Polly,’ here they can say if they or anyone they know is being bullied and even draw a picture of what the bully looks like.

So far it has been successful in identifying bullies at schools because students don’t feel they are snitching, but rather chatting to Polly. Parents have also found this useful in identifying problems their children are having which they didn’t even know about. It is almost like writing a diary but to Polly.


Meeting Someone Special Who Touches Your Heart.

Last Saturday I met someone very special who touched my heart. His name was Rikus. I had already spoken at the Cerebral Palsy Family Awareness Day and was watching the children. Then I saw Rikus eating a biscuit he had made with his mum.

Rikus has severe CP, he can’t talk, walk, do anything for himself and his mum explained they don’t really know how much he can see. So Polly took over, she’s very good at that. Polly by the way, is my alter ego in the form of a parrot puppet who accompanies me to schools and events.

She asked Rikus if she could have some of his biscuit and was immediately met by a smile that stole her heart. She tucked and rubbed herself under his arm and the reaction was immediate. She went on to give him a kiss. I don’t think either I or his mum expected the reaction we got as Rikus made a clicking sound.

“He wants another kiss,” his mum told me.

Polly continued to interact with Rikus for about half an hour, and every action brought a reaction from him, from smiles to contorted gestures indicating pleasure and lots and lots of clicks which were returned with kisses from Polly. As our time drew to a close, I realised that Polly’s bright colours could indeed be seen by Rikus and her and my voices could be heard by him. So, if you are ever in any doubt as to whether someone who is severely disabled can communicate, just take the time to find out. Polly did, and her life has been changed forever, as did mine, for as I write this piece and look back over the photos I smile, because this young man was so happy that day, and it felt good to make a difference.

Rikus with Jann and Polly small

Tomorrow Polly’s New Book Arrives. Today’s Cover reveal

Tomorrow Polly’s new book Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday arrives just in time to launch at the Youth Today Carnival this Saturday, 2nd December, Italian Club in Edenvale, Johannesburg, 10-4pm. Come along and get your latest book in the Polly’s Piralympics Series signed and dedicated. Or choose one of the Polly Books for an awesome Christmas present that your child will just love, and meet Polly the Parrot who will be making a guest appearance!

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Joining Polly the Parrot will be Toucane the toucan who has flown in especially to meet younger fans and his books will be out early in the New Year.

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Who is Red?

So with just a few days to go, the big question in Polly the Parrots world is WHO IS RED?

Find out in Polly the Parrot’s next book Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday, this weekend (out on Amazon). Who Red is and what happens to her. We also meet the Street kids who live under the bridges near the River Peatbog, but it’s snowing so what will happen to them over the Christmas and Hogmanay holiday time?


Watch Out for the Sweetie Man!

WATCH OUT FOR THE SWEETIE MAN – HE’S AT EVERY SCHOOL, WAITING FOR EVERY CHILD! teaser2aCan Polly the Parrot with help from Red to catch the SWEETIE MAN?

Find out this weekend as Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday (Beware of the Sweetie Man) launches as an ebook.

A must-read for teachers and parents to pupils to warn them of the dangers of drug pushers inside schools. Contains interactive pages for the learners to engage with.

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