The Story is always still in the book (girls like pirates too)

Crew Mate Belle’s grandma contacted me on her progress with Polly’s Piralympics. Previously she had been reading Polly’s Piralympics on Crew Mate Belle’s weekly visits to stay with her. Belle had even started reading some of the words herself.

“She read nothing this week.”

“Oh.” I was puzzled.

But soon found out why. There had been a concert at school that Crew Mate Belle had taken part in. It had finished, after 8pm, which is pretty late for a six year old who still has to get home etc., etc..

“So I gave her the choice, as the play finished late, she could either come home with me as she usually does on a Wednesday, or go home (Which was in fact closer.)”

But what about my book? Your house.”

“Well unfortunately the drive was just too much after such a long day and she fell asleep in the car, was carried into bed and that was that.”

Never mind little Belle, that is the most amazing thing about books. They can wait. They are always there tomorrow, bulging with their characters and story line. And I am sure that Polly the parrot will be there puffing up her chest and spraying out her feathers when she sees you open the pages of Polly’s Piralympics next.

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Polly soon on facebook

If you would like to chat to Polly, she will soon be on facebook.

Captain Hake has Crew Mate Make making a facebook page for Polly as we speak. She is still learning to type as her feathers are unaccustomed to doing this and she needs a little more practice, but she will soon be up and flying

If you are a fan or know anyone who is keep watching this space for her address, which will be sent by airmail as soon as it is in the air.

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Interview with a fan…


In their recent interview, Author Jann Weeratunga had the pleasure of chatting to Crew Mate Look and asking him a few questions.

Q. So who was your favourite Pirate in the book?

A. Captain Book, because he was chased by Ali-the-gator.

Q. What was your favourite chapter of the book?

A. The first one, because its where Polly had the idea and Captain Hake was so surprised.

So there we are, just some snippets from our interview, more to follow…

Girls like pirates too

Bedtime stories at grandma’s house somewhere in Johannesburg.

Crew mate Belle gets to stay with grandma O once a week, both look forwards to this special time. Apparently her first question when she arrives at her house is,

“Where’s my book please?”

Polly the parrot’s adventures with the pirates have been waiting a whole week! And yes girls like pirate stories too. So after supper and a shower they settle down to read Polly’s Piralympics. Crew mate Belle is six and learning to read so grandma O has to help her out with the hard words, but they finish each evening with a bedtime story until crew mate Belle finally can fight off sleep no longer.

Grandma O told the author that she has been forbidden to read on and must wait for ‘their time together,’ to read the story. So until next week Polly and her pirate friends have to stay tucked up tight in her book, until Polly comes to life once more.

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Polly’s first fan

Polly the parrot has her first fan

Polly’s Piralympics was recently read in just two days by her first fan – Crew Mate Look, an 8 year old young man living in Johannesburg South Africa

Asked about the book he said in his Kindle review,

“I like this book because of its detail and I like Polly’s idea because the pirates have lots of fun.”

I was so taken by this I managed to track him down and chatted to him about what he liked about the book.

More about the interview to follow…

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Polly Flies Into My Life

BLOG 1 16/09/2016

 How I started writing about Polly and the pirates.

I was inspired by the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. In his closing speech, Sir Phillip Craven told of how a young boy was reading with his mother. In the book he saw a man with an eye patch, a hook for a hand, a parrot on his shoulder and a wooden leg. When asked who it was, he said: “Well he has only one leg, so he must be an Olympian.” Such was the strength of the London 2012 Paralympics that it changed peoples’ perceptions of disability forever.

It also changed my perceptions forever too and what I wanted to say to young people.

The speech made me both laugh and cry and gave me the inspiration for this series of books about the adventures of Polly the parrot and her pirates as they compete for GOLD in their own Paralympics – the Piralympics.

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