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I love Skoobs Theatre of Books, you never know who is going to launch next.

Here I am with Gareth Cliff, radio presenter,with Gareth Cliff ex-Idols host, TV personality and radio presenter.

I was surprisingly impressed by this outspoken personality, and will definitely tune into ‘Cliff Central

He was charming, but most of all passionate about people’s right to free speech. One’s ability to express one’s opinion, regardless of how controversial providing there is no malice or hate speech.

Here in South Africa, they have the most amazing and broad Constitution, that represents everyone living here. I agree our most valued possession next to time, is our freedom of speech.  However, with that freedom comes responsibility. Think first, reply second.

All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and of course was able to catch up with friends too, Sian-Bronwyn Claven, Kim Hunter, Arthie Moore, Deborah du Plooy. and of course, meet the famous Indie Author, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, who has just release ‘28 Boys

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Look at that face…

one leg high kickI just love the expression on this young lad’s face, it says it all.

The One Foot High Kick, I don’t think I could get my leg up that high ha,ha,ha.

Maybe good for schools looking to do something a bit different. My book Polly’s Inuit Piralympics (Eskimo Paralympics for Pirates) will be in print soon. I can provide a teacher’s workaid to support the games for any who might like it. Also see, Nordic Games Symbol


Title revision – BIG REVEAL

OK after chatting with my Inuit FB friend Johnny Issaluk, I have decided to change the title of my second book. Johnny was kind enough to look over this book for me, and after due consideration and in respect of the Inuit people (whose Nordic Games this book is based around) I have changed the title to Polly’s Inuit Piralympics (Eskimo Paralympics for Pirates).

I would also like to thank Tonia Lennox for her unerring support of my writing and her work on my cover designs. Also Sallyann Cole, for your patience proofreading for me, you are a lifesaver. the support it needs for an Indie Author to get from pen to print is immense and I am so fortunate to have people around me who believe in me – thank you all so much.

So keep ’em peeled for the launch of my second book, as there is just basically a few weeks left to go, and the second book of the Polly’s Piralympics series is nearly ready to fly.

If there are any would-be children’s readers, reviewers who would like to be listed for a copy, please let me know.

Meanwhile, with just three chapters to left, my 3rd should be finished soon – (that is if my new puppy behaves herself – currently sleeping – not for long though ha, ha, ha.) Then it’s down to the hard stuff like editing – yuck (YUCK!!! proofreading) and of course launching, marketing and sales – piece of cake really.

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RANT! Indie authors get a raw deal in South Africa

I am a proud Indie Author. Currently, I have my book Polly’s Piralympics (Middle Grade) available through Skoobs Theatre of Books in MonteCasino Johannesburg, South Africa.

I approached MY LOCAL MALL BOOKSTORE (probably the biggest is South Africa) to stock my book. The Manager read and liked my book and wants to do a Saturday morning book signing/event and then stock my book. I am one of a handful of local author ie I ACTUALLY LIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM THE STORE.

Their policy is that book buying IS DONE by individual managers, so far so good.

The manager said to contact head office for a Vendor form so they can buy books from me.

A week later I have to chase up HQ to be told I had been overlooked and that they would check and get back to me (which in fairness they did.)

The letter I received reiterated that individual shop managers order for their shops, however, I have to be registered with a distributor to take my books the 1km down the road and hand them over to the shop.

So far the distributors I have contacted only deal with the Publishing Houses – LET ME REMIND YOU I AM AN INDIE AUTHOR – no publishing house.

I would genuinely like to thank the manager at my local bookstore for trying to help me. As for the policies of your company – no wonder you closed 4 stores recently. As an Indie I can come into your store and personally sign books, meet readers and interact with your clientele – YOU KNOW THE PERSONAL TOUCH which actually sells books. This I have and will continue to do at SKOOBS THEATRE OF BOOKS who by the way have launched over 100 Indie authors and have a brilliant relationship with us.

Therefore anyone wishing to buy the Polly’s Piralympics series please go to Skoobs or contact me directly.

I will be at Skoobs this Saturday from 2pm and again on the 7th April 2017 at 7pm. Please feel free to approach me to sign a book for your school, or child and have a personal messaged penned.


Eskimo/Nordic Games – what are they?

I sent off my second book Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics, to Johnny Issaluk to check it over for me. Johnny is an Inuit. A very Special Inuit. He is a Nordic Games participant and has won over 200 medals. He is also a recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal. So I was/am super excited that he agreed to do this for me.

A while back I approached Johnny to help read over my book Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics, to ensure I haven’t made any stupid mistakes and cause a cultural incident, and he kindly agreed.

When I write, I rely heavily on the internet for research info, but it can be easy to misinterpret and get things wrong. So I was keen to make sure the details for my book are as accurate as I can make them.

One day when I was researching something else I discovered the Nordic Games. I was hooked and decided to use them in my Piralympics series of books.

The Games are held annually and designed to reflect skills that one would need to survive in the land of snow and ice.Events I included were:                                                                                                    One foot High Kick                                                                                                                                            Blanket Toss                                                                                                                                                        Drop the Bomb (I called airplanes)                                                                                                              Arm Pull                                                                                                                                            I also included other skills used daily by the Inuit/Eskimos: like fishing, and driving their sleds, as well as older skill like building Igloos (Less essential in todays modern age but never the less used occasionally.) I found their world fascinating and hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to get the opportunity to visit their world and see the Games first hand.

I have shown below the logo as well as some links should you also be inspired to look further into the games and the world of the Inuit people and their neighbours. It’s a great topic to teach kids about in school and as it is held annually can be fitted in with the Olympic, Paralympic and Special Games to give kids around the world an all round education., Nordic Games Symbol

Baking a bigger cake.


So for those following my blogs here’s the update for our Indie group


We are going to put Indie Authors well and truly on the map.

These are some amazing people in Jozi.

They are Indie Authors. Authors who traditional publishers won’t give an opportunity to. They are hard working and DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES.

Last Friday evening things changed. Last Friday evening they realized they were not on their own. Last Friday evening we became more empowered. LAST FRIDAY EVENING WE DECIDED THE CAKE IS TOO SMALL AND WE WANT TO BAKE A BIGGER CAKE. if we support each other then our WILL cake grow.

It is small minded to think you don’t need to share. There are millions of readers out there, we just need to reach them. We need to share our resources, editors, graphic designers, web builders, reviewers, bloggers. The more TALK we can create the more people will listen to us.

Let’s talk to book clubs, let’s talk to schools, lets talk to libraries and let them know who we are. Indie Authors are a force to be reckoned with. WE WRITE GOOD BOOKS, we just need readers to know that and stop being blindfolded by the publishers who want to keep the whole cake for themselves. What are they doing to bake a bigger cake?

Before last Friday Evening I knew 1100 peeps on Facebook. After last Friday evening my cake grew, by sharing I will reach all of their friends too and they mine and everyone else’s. Last Friday evening we started to bake a bigger cake.

Next month we can bake an even bigger one with your help. So if you are an author, blogger, reviewer, printers, graphic designer, web builder, promoter, contact me and come along to our next meeting OR simply share this blog


Indie Authors Networking 2nd get together

So this evening will be our second meeting, where authors, writer, bloggers, reviewers, book brokers (this will be explained to you tonight.) printers, graphic designers, printers, publishers readers and all other  peeps bookish can meet up, exchange ideas and hang out together.

7pm Skoobs Theatre of Books, MonteCasino the home of Indie Authors

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Polly drying off


OK, so Polly is drying off ready for her debut appearance tomorrow.

Skull Island appears on the back Treasure waiting to be found! The wonderful treasure of words, that bond us. Stories of friendship, pirates, Paralympics, how it isn’t cool to cheat, and why bullies have ZERO tolerance aboard Captain Hake’s Ship.

So if you have a little one, join me tomorrow at 11am, and again at 12pm, as I read from my book, Polly’s Piralympics series at SkOObs Book Store in Monte Casino, Gauteng, South Africa.

Look forward to seeing you all there me hearties.

Adri Sinclair, my fairy godmother/angel

Yesterday I woke from an 18 hour almost comatose state of sleep as I tried to brush off the flu. (Today I have St Benedict’s Prep to talk to.) I was flicking through Facebook when I came across this post…


I was already too late for the 4 hr deadline, but thought, nothing ventured – nothing gained.

WELL, to my amazement Adri replied, she is a South African living in the UK, what were the chances of that? Not only that but she actually replied to my request. and this was the amazing result.


Sometimes in life we are just so lucky to come across and angel/fairy godmother and yesterday was my day.

Adri Sinclair doesn’t know me from Adam, but offered to produce a book cover free for me and I think it is soooo cool. AND I AM SOOO LUCKY.

Self publishing is a long and somewhat arduous journey, and when one is fortunate to have wonderful people around you (Adri, Debs, Tonia) it, well it just makes that journey so much easier and more doable. thank you all for being in my life and walking with me along this path.

Adri’s info is:      Where Books recommend Readers

I think today I must be the luckiest author on the planet, here’s to what adventure tomorrow brings