Tip # What comes after Bullying?

My child is being bullied, will he/she make it in the big wide world? Here are some of the success stories:

Business mogul Elon Musk was relentlessly bullied as a child in South Africa. Musk was picked on for being “the youngest and smallest guy in his school,” his mother told Esquire (2012).

Michael Phelps – Olympics swimming legend, was tormented and bullied hyperactive personality and big ears. He was even suspended from school for fighting one of his bullies. After that, he learned to channel his frustration in the swimming pool. He became the most decorated Olympian with 28 medals – bet his bullies wished they had kept quiet now.

Prince Harry (4th in line for the British Thrown) was bullied for his red hair in school, this even overlapped into his career in the British Army where he was called the “Ginger Bullet Magnet.”

Ed Sheeran – the singer was bullied for being ‘weird’ and for his red hair. Sheeran had a large birthmark on his face, a stutter, a ‘lazy’ eye, very thick NHS glasses and speech problems.

Barack Obama – US President, was bullied because they said his ears were too big.

Rihanna was bullied because her skin was too light, by other pupils at her school with darker skins.

Sergey Brin – Cofounder of one of Google, with an incredible estimated net worth of $50 billion, he the 13th richest person on the planet. However, Brin experienced bullying, thanks to his Russian accent, although he was Jewish in a Hebrew school, his voice separated him from making friends, making him feel lonely and isolated until he switched schools.

British author JK Rowling —The  Harry Potter Series. She told a fan that writing the Harry Potter Series was part of how she processed her difficult childhood. In fact, when describing being a teenager, she defined it as ‘completely horrible.’

How did they become successful? Well, they never gave up, and although the bullying hurt and I am sure many of them cried themselves to sleep at night, they BEAT THE BULLIES.


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