Polly’s Quieter Piralympics


It is always exciting when you finish a book, but for me when I finish a Polly book, it is something special. She is the flagship of my writing, a special little bird who has crept into the hearts of many children and adults alike.

Polly the Parrot and the pirates head off to Ireland for their next Piralympics. There they are joined by Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Fungie the Dolphin on a quick visit from Dingle Bay, a new crew in an unusual ship and of course those pesky Leprechauns; always trying to steal the Pirate’s gold!

I must admit it took a while to do the author’s edit, as essentially I had written the book 15 months ago – THAT IS HOW MUCH I HATE EDITING! But now that it is done, I am so excited to get it into print.

Bagpipes use by kind permission of Tony Jones – Talksense

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