This is the week that was… part3 – Embrace Head Teacher’s Conference

This is the week that was part 3

Oh my goodness what a week, and it ended on an amazing two-day high at the St Benedict’s Embrace Conference where I was giving a workshop and launching the Schools Reading Road Show (SRRS) a concept I came up with about 6 months ago when I decided that although I was already visiting schools and presenting my Polly’s Piralympics Series, based on anti-bullying and it’s Ok to be different, I felt it needed more. That more, was more authors to accompany me into the schools I get invited to. The idea for a Reading Roadshow just seemed the natural progression and we launched last Friday at the Conference.

So a massive thank you to Evadeen, Corne, Soraya, Robbie, Fatuma, Kim, Sabina. You ladies were fantastic, whether helping out at the stand of with the workshop, we made our mark.


Thank You St Benedict’s for giving us this platform to engage with head teachers from all over the country. It was a valuable subject, that although made people uncomfortable needs to be discussed and you were brave enough to discuss it.

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