We seek her here, we seek her there, Those Frenchies seek her everywhere. *

We seek her here, we seek her there, Those Frenchies seek her everywhere. * an adaptation from the Scarlet Pimpernel.


My calendar is filling up so much at the moment that I feel a bit like Wally from the Where’s Wally books which I used to buy for my sister but secretly did the puzzles myself. (Searching an amazingly busy picture to find the character Wally, needless to say, I spent hours at it and my baby sister could find him much faster.)

Well, tomorrow I shall be at the Leeuwkop Golf Club in Sandton, selling books to raise funds for the Schools Reading Road Show (SRRS) an initiative I started late last year and which seems to be catching on.

I take fellow Indie Authors into schools with me. There we read our books to the children and give them short talks based on the morals and life lessons contained in them. When we visit underfunded schools try to leave books behind for their libraries, which usually contain old out of date books that the learners find uninteresting. To achieve this we raise money through a levy charged at events like this golf day which then allows us to purchase the books from the authors and leave them with the schools. We also need sponsorships for books. eg. R5000 will buy 50+ books for an underfunded school.

So, if you are in the area or playing golf tomorrow, please support us by buying a book, or making a donation.

#SRRS, #PollysPiralympics

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