Why Do I Like to Read to Kids?

Why Do I Like to Read to Kids?

Well, I Suppose it’s because I love to watch their faces as the story progresses. I love to see them get involved with the storyline, I’ve even had parents come up to me after and tell me that they too love to listen – I suppose we all do.

I am fortunate, I get invites to many schools to read and talk to the kids. My books are centred around anti-bullying and being disabled as well as many other issues that I feel kids today are not sensitive enough about. But the kids just seem to love the stories and absorb the life lessons.

Last Saturday I was at Assumption Convent Primary School and the best part for me was when some (now grade 4’s) spotted me.

“Is Polly with you, can we see her?”

Polly is my puppet parrot companion and she and I had been into the school to kick-off How Polly Became a Pirate as the grade 3 set workbook last year. The welcome makes you go all warm and fuzzy.

Well not oOpen day girls with puppetsnly Polly was there but the rest of the flock too, Toucane the Toucan, Hettie the Hornbill, Mpho the Macaw and two as yet un-named birds a Cockatiel and a Pink Galah who had flown in all the way from Australia.

Here I am with some of the girls and my flock.


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