Inspiration created when like-mind merge.

Inspiration is created when like-minds merge, it’s amazing, all the neurons start to fire and ideas bounce around the room. It’s as if you can feel the room come alive with characters dancing about the place.


Well, that’s what happened when I met Tammy a young illustrator and aspiring, very, very different author. And oh boy YA readers does she have something different for you – watch this space.

Here is one of her characters and I am very excited to see what she does with my books. Isn’t he just such a darling?

So I am working on books for younger kids and holding thumbs, crossing finger et al that with the help of Councillor Julie Suddaby my books will reach the correct places.

I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! And it all kicked off just a year ago – Thank you, Deborah Du Plooy at Skoobs Theatre of books, you changed my life.



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