The holidays are over and here comes Toucane

The holidays are over, but an author never stops. If we are not physically writing, then we are thinking about our books, planning the plot, creating new characters and dreaming about them


My holiday produced Toucane the Toucan and main character for my next children’s series. I had had a lot of people asking me to write Polly stories for their younger kids, but, well, Polly is Polly and she likes the 8-12-year-olds so she introduced me to a friend Toucane.

Toucane loves planet earth and subtly deals with many issues e.g. racism and litter to date in his books. He raps and occasionally dances too.

As with all my books, I have a hand puppet to accompany them so the birds and their stories come alive for children when I visit them in schools. Though between you and me, I’m seriously starting to worry about multiple personalities, as they take over from the minute we enter a schools and there are a lot of them now – 6 to be precise ha, ha, ha.

So, watch out for the Toucane Series, out soon 4-8 year-olds.



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