Yesterday was Polly’s day at Assumption Convent Primary School

Yesterday was Polly’s Day at Assumption Primary School. That’s right, Jann definitely took a back seat as Polly flew into Assumption Convent Primary School to launch How Polly Became a Pirate to the grade 3 learners. It is their setwork book for this term.

Prior to meeting with the pupils, Jann explained the elements within this book that could be used by the teachers in their life skills lessons – being scared (alone and away from her family); animal trafficking as Polly gets stolen from her nest and sent overseas; prejudices of others that influence us before we make up our own minds (Polly should be afraid of lions because her parents are); putting others before ourselves (Polly helps the other animals escape, even though she has to remain behind); being bullied by the horrible boys in the pet shop; having only one eye like Captain Hake, but it doesn’t stop them doing anything and they are accepted by the pirate crew.

After that, it was all just Polly.

“Is she real?”

“How does she talk?”

Were just some of the comments as she made her way around the class to greet each pupil. It never ceases to amaze me how they want her to be real, even though they clearly know she is just a puppet. Some wanted to pet her, whilst others were a bit wary, but she had promised to be good and not bite anyone, well, that was until one of the girls decided to put her finger in Polly’s mouth. She just couldn’t help it she said afterwards. Well, do you go around putting your finger in other peoples mouths she asked?

Then Polly sat in Jann’s Pirate Hat and dozed as Jann read the first chapter of her book to the girls. I just love watching their faces as I read, and then the comments afterwards… I JUST LOVE BEING AN AUTHOR!

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