The Most Special Review in the Whole World

The most special review in the whole world for a children’s author has to be when a child takes the time to review your book and then asks their parent to send it to you.

Well, this is what happened to me and I still have Goosebumps.

Not only did he review them for me but 3 Polly books in 3 days!!!!!!

Logan bought the books on Friday 22nd September and this is what I received from Logan’s mum on Tuesday morning at 05.43.

Logan (2)

Here I am with Logan, aged 11, from Milton Primary School. The kids there are just nuts about reading, but especially Logan. He read all three books in three days and did reviews for each. Young man, you are amazing, thank you for making this author’s year.

Below is what he had to say. (I have snipped it from the original email sent by mum).

Logan2 book reviewALogan2 book reviewBLogan2 book reviewC


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2 thoughts on “The Most Special Review in the Whole World”

    1. Aw thanks, Robbie. As I am sure you are aware they really are the special ones eh? I always love to hear what Michael has to say too, I am so blessed to have such children who love my books, and parents who take the time to review them with them for me. Thank you too.


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