One More Sleep.

One more sleep until we host the Children’s Book Fayre in Johannesburg.

The weather is looking iffy, which in the UK would make absolutely no difference, as that is the norm, and if you let the rain stop you from doing things, well, you’d just never do anything. But here in South Africa and especially Johannesburg, RAIN STOPS PLAY! BUT IT SHOULDN’T, what better time to looks for that special rainy day book for your child or to ready with younger ones.

RAINY TIME = SPECIAL TIME. The time to STOP, and CUDDLE up with a good book and now it the time to pass on that well-kept secret to the next generation.

So, come to meet the authors, play some games, decorate some cakes, watch the kids do some yoga and get ready for the next page in your children’s lives as they open a book and turn the pages into the depths of their imaginations. OH, WHAT A GIFT.

So then, where?

THE CHILDREN’S BOOK FAYRE 181 Corlett Drive, nr Melrose Arch. 10-3pm.

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