Al-aqsa Primary School with fellow authors

Al-aqsa Primary School with fellow authors Robbie Cheadle and Soraya Hendricks.

So we arrived dead on time to find the pupils from grades 1-6 in the hall celebrating World Literacy Day, there were pirates and queens, mice and cats, Pinnochio’s and wolves, red riding hoods and grumps, assassins and spiders. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! EVEN THE TEACHERS HAD JOINED IN.Lenasia-20170919-01272

Here we are with some of the pupils who dressed close to my heart as pirates for the day and below some of the teachers who really got into it, Assasins, Charlotte’s Web, the Wicked Queen from Snow White, well done ladies, as well as the other teachers who were also in costume but with the children at the time of the photo.Lenasia-20170919-01277

Polly strutted and flew around the children chatting about how books open up the pages to our imaginations and then she sat quietly with Madam Tarmahomed whilst I read the first chapter from How Polly Became a Pirate about how Polly gets stolen from her nest. on the whole, Polly was well behaved and only nibbled the fingers of one little boy, she loves the kids too.

Then it was the turn of Robbie Cheadle to talk about how some children find it hard to read, but that is ok because later we all learn to read. I love Robbie’s books with her lovely pictures of the characters made from all manner of edible delights, plus the recipes and instructions for the children to go home and make with their parents.

Last up was Soraya and her wonderful book on Stranger Danger. How we must be wary of people around us taking children away. an extract was then read also from ther book before we were given a tumultuous thank you from all of the pupils.

Later we had the opportunity to sell our books to the children who had been notified beforehand. The children were then able to come to see the books and in some cases buy one, I signed books, wrote special messages and of course took pics of my latest crew members (though one or two were too camera-shy), and my author colleagues did likewise. The children’s faces were a picture as they hovered around the table to meet us, the authors. I just love working with the kids, I feel alive.

I must say the children were all dressed in marvellous costumes, I especially loved Pinnochio’s nose ha,ha,ha.

Thank you to Robbie and Soraya for joining me on this literary journey into the schools, and of course to Al-aqsa Primary School for hosting us this morning.

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