Off to school

Wow, what a whirlwind week!

I felt like I was back in school. First, there was Bennies and delivering 105 books for their grade 3’s and learning they have dedicated it as a set work book for next year. Then it was into Holy Rosary to chat to the teachers there and see how Polly could fit into their school environment.

Friday I was at Impala Crescent Primary School as their guest of honour to speak about Literacy as it was World Literacy Day, in fact, this whole month.

learners grade R at Impala

Then it was on to Assumption Convent Primary School on Monday.

Oh, what a wonderful headmistress. She made me feel as if I had been there before and was just popping in for a visit. Well, I will be in the future I can tell you. She signed up for grade 3’s for this year and I have already scheduled visits next month to introduce Polly to the learners.

So it has been busy, busy, busy. I feel like the little girl dressed as a bee from Impala Crescent Primary



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