Ok, so my world just went bonkers!

Ok, so my world just went bonkers!First delivering books to St Benedict’s Junior Prep for the grade 3’s as their next year’s dedicated set work book, then to Holy Rosary to discuss the same with them and lastly to Assumption Convent School where they have also taken on How Polly Became a Parrot as this year’s grade 3 set work book.

They will complete it before the end of the year and I will fly in to introduce Polly my Parrot and her story about being abducted, trafficked to a foreign land, how she helps her friends escape and things of others before herself. she ends up being bullied by horrid children before being rescued by Captain Hake and accepted on to his crew even though she has only one eye.

I can’t wait to meet the young ladies on the 26th of October and Polly will be joining me there too.

Thank you to all the forward open-minded heads that I met at the schools, who were prepared to read my book and take it on merit and see how it can be used in their school L.O classes as well as be a fun read for the kids. (more on that later as I have had quite a few reviews coming in for another blog).

I am so excited that Polly will be visiting these schools on and off to see how the children and teachers journey through my world of pirates, anti-bullying, acceptance of others different to us, as well as just having fun!


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