J.K.Rowling running scared…

So I hear that J.K.Rowling is publishing two more Harry Potter books in the Autumn. I laughed and told a friend jokingly that,

“She must have heard about my Polly’s Piralympics series and realized she has serious competition.”

I meant it as a joke, but my friend replied with a really serious look on her face,

“Jann, you say that flippantly, but you do realize that your books will seriously change lives, don’t you? You always make light of your books, but they really are good, and YES you could be the next J.K.Rowling, you just have to believe in yourself.”

Talk about a sobering moment.

Yes, I know my books are good

Yes, I know the kids who have read them love them.

Yes, I know the schools are starting to come on board with them because they are different, interactive. “Crossover books,” one head called them, between workbooks and chapter books, I call them, something, “Unique and different.” she had said.

Well, I checked out my sales on Amazon, and sure enough, that graph has started to point upwards, am I starting to believe in myself now? Hell YES. And with suggestions that I should look at Audio Books and a TV series, really YES!

So J.K.Rowling, you had better be writing your fingers off, coz I’m hot on your tail and climbing that ladder, and my books will be right there next to yours on the shelves, so be scared, be very scared, coz POLLY’S PIRATES ARE COMING!

#PollysPiralympicsSeries, #Pollysayitsnotcooltobecruel, #Pollyshatesbullies,



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