Wheelchair Tennis!

I was watching the Men’s Final at Wimbledon today – Congratulations Roger Federer on your 8th Wimbledon Title by the way. But what intrigued me was they went over to the Boys Final and the Wheelchair Event

.Image result for wheelchair tennisImage result for wheelchair tennis

Oh, my goodness, talk about athleticism and skill, I could hardly believe my eyes. These guys not only wheel themselves about the court but them manage to hit the ball too. I can’t even hit the ball and I am able bodied – KUDOS GENTLEMEN, KUDOS.

I don’t think I shall ever cease to be amazed by Para-athletes and what they can achieve, you have my complete admiration and awe.

Look out for Polly in an upcoming book as I am sure she will be persuading her pirates to learn how to play tennis.


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