Polly’s Board Game

Polly has just completed the design of her first board game. It will accompany Polly into schools to reinforce her lessons to the young readers.

snipit only

Climb the Rigging and Walk the Plank is a simple game where players throw a dice and follow steps on a board that allows the player to advance or retreat through the game until they real the GOLD.

Learning is always absorbed best when kids are having fun, so I was keen to follow Polly’s adventures in her books with a game that reinforces the life skills and adventures that she goes through.

Formal education is a key factor to building a child’s ability to read, write and think. However, practical skills are the imperative tools that they need to succeed in life. It’s just all a question of balance when it comes to learning.

#PollysBoardGame, #PollysPiralympicsSeries

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