Audio Books – More than 2 Billion hours sold last year!

Oh my goodness, the stats were scary. How can One afford not to get into this market?


But I get ahead of myself. Firstly a huge call out and thank you to Gregg Davies for his interesting and informative talk on Friday evening – wow, mind blowing. Gregg is a voice over artist amongst other things and enlightened us about the audio book industry that he is involved with.

2014-2016 saw 20,000 books added to audio platforms around the world, with a 60% increase in readers or should I say, listeners? (as a comparison e-books had a 15% drop over the same period).

2014 = 1 billion audio book hours sold, 2016 = 2 billion.

So where do people listen to audio books and why? Well, they listen just about anywhere, in the car, walking the dog, whilst jogging, in the bath, as I said just about anywhere. And why? Well, time is of the essence these days and for many reading is a luxury they just can’t afford, in a world that expects service delivery to be instant, so readers have needed to find alternate methods to feed their book cravings and be able to perform another task at the same time. Parents don’t read to children as much as they used to so audio books are also a comforting way for children to hear a story still at night before bed, or in the car on the way to school.

Will I be looking at audio books? H*LL YES. So watch out for the Polly’s Piralympics Series on audio.




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