Jozi Books and Blogs Festival 2017

WOW! I have just been asked to sit on the discussion panel for Literature and Sport at the Jozi Books and Blogs Festival. I am just blown away by the calibre of the other speakers – Commentator Aslam Khota, Author Yusuf Garda, Multisports editor Nazli Hamilton (Supersports), Ajit Gandabhay, Abdul Manack, and ME! I feel like the minnow, but am sure Polly and the Pirates won’t let me down.

We are discussing Sports and Literature with Bibi Fatima Ameen (Splash In), and Dimple Paima Patidar (Wits University).


So if you are in Johannesburg on the 30th July, come and watch the discussion. I’ll be around to chat afterwards, where I will also be selling my 3 books – How Polly Became A Pirate, Polly Ya Nae Can Fly and Polly’s Piralympics

10.45 – 12.00 Session 1 RED ROOM – LITERATURE AND SPORT




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