When you wish upon a star hard enough, dreams do come true.

I started writing my first Polly Book five years ago. Then a year ago a friend gave me a strong prod with the end of her toe and told me to, “Go out there and do it.” Thank you, Tonia.

Well whatever IT IS, I’m now doing IT.

I look up into the night sky every evening and make my wish upon my star,  then every morning I tell myself I am going to be the next J.K.Rowling. And you know what, with the support of amazing friends around me I am getting there.

So, what have I done so far? Well, I found myself. When I wrote the first book I wanted to write about Pirates and disabilities,  I linked them together with the Pirates holding their own Paralympic Games – the Pirate Piralympics. Then I realised I actually have a lot more than just good stories to tell, I actually have life lessons to weave into those stories. Life lessons on:

Life lessons on:

a. How it’s not cool to bully,

b. How it’s OK to be different, (after all who wants to be the same as everyone else when we are so individually special),

c. On climate change and not littering the space around us so we can protect our environment to look after this beautiful and fragile planet that we live on and call home, d. to look at the many cultures and diversity there is around the world and within the country’s we live in and to realise that we are more similar than different

d. To look at the many cultures and diversity there is around the world, and within the country’s we live in and to realise that we are more similar than different. Through this learning tolerance of those who do not share the same skin colour, religion, traditions or beliefs.

I have tried to do this through my books and to date this is what I have been busy doing:

  1. I’ve launched the main book, Polly’s Piralympics, in my Polly Piralympics Series (actually now number III),
  2. I am about to release into print How Polly Became a Pirate (number I in the series), and Polly Ya Nae Can Fly (number II in the series),
  3. I am ready to release Polly’s Inuit Piralympics,
  4. I have finished writing the V in the series, Polly’s Indoor Piralympics, though there may be another smaller one that slips in before this one, which I am currently working on,
  5. I will be attending the Indie Authors Book Fair on the 23rd July in Magaliesberg,
  6. I regularly give talks at schools on anti-bullying and it’s OK to be different. Well, they must have liked me because I am already booked to return to all of the schools either late this year or early next year.
  7. I have set up an Authors self-help group that meet at Skoobs Theatre of Books once a month, the Indie Authors Networking group or IAN for short. It was initially set up for those just living in Johannesburg, though we now have members from Capetown, Durban and Grahamstown, as well as further afield – Ethiopia, the UK, the USA, NZ, Australia, Spain, and Zambia – Wow, who would have thought. We are also being asked if others can take and use our model where they live – well or course, that’s what it is all about – empowering authors. Plus we are now LIVE STREAMING THE EVENT THROUGH KIM- ONE OF OUR MEMBERS – SEE TANGO WITH TEXT.

If my writing ever changes children’s thought’s and attitudes, even just a little bit for the better, then my time on this planet will not have been in vain.

So, when I dream upon my star, I know it can come true. I just have to believe it will.

Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life who believe in me: Tonia, Margaret, Sian, Debs, Arthie, and to those I have not named personally but who are ever at my elbow and or course to my mum, that special lady, who never stopped believing in me, even when I took a breath of self-doubt.

#PollysPiralympics, #kidsbooksonantibullying, #kidsbooksondisability, #kidsbooksaboutpirates

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