Audio Books? Hmm not something I thought about…

Gregg DaviesOk, so my path recently crossed that of Gregg Davies at one of my Indie Authors Meetings (IAN). “So have you thought about audio books?” To be absolutely honest, I just about knew what an audio book was, for my books to be made into one? Hmm, that’s not something I had really given much attention to.

Well, I have since thought about it and am now giving attention to it. I write for kids. (Polly’s Piralympics – the Series) and although I would love to live in that perfect world, where parents read to their children at bedtime, after a bath and hot chocolate to make them sleep, we don’t. Parents today hardly have time to speak to their kids let alone read and interact with them. But kids, even today’s kids, still love being read to. PING. lightbulb moment. Audio books.

And here’s where the link to Gregg Davies no enters the picture. Gregg does audio book narration for adult and children’s books (plus a whole heap of other stuff too).

So if you have contemplated turning your book into an audiobook, I think a good starting place would be with Gregg.

Contact details +27(0)72 252 0022 or

An audiobook could change someone’s life.



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