So today I walked with a giant, well sat and had coffee actually.

Ashleigh Giannoccaro met with me to share insights into the Indie world when you really believe you can make it. And I believe I can make it.

I now realize that I am not going for a stroll up the local hills opposite my house with my sneakers and a backpack with my lunch, BUT AM IN FACT, climbing Mount Everest, so I need boots, crampons, a proper warm jacket, thermals, an oxygen tank, a backup team and a tent. Oh, and did I mention a backup team? Yes, and I have the best, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, Sian Claven, Deborah du Plooy, Kim Hunter, Tonia Lennox to name a few. I have the A TEAM.

What you can learn from a seasoned Indie like Ashleigh is worth its weight in gold… I shall be revealing more in Indie Authors over the next few days… but needless to say, 3 hours of lessons and questions later I feel so inspired I AM READY TO NOW CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST.

Watch out Bookworld I’m armed and ready.

#Jannweeratunga, #Pollyspiralympics, #booksfor antibullying

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