The Indie Ladder

If you think I’ve written my book, now all I have to do is put it on Amazon and I’ll be a millionaire,  laughing2  laughing3  laughing  Nope, not happening! If you believe that…

The real world is very, very different and what’s more, it’s even harder for Indies. So the learning curve people talk about is a load of old tosh, it’s not a curve it’s a ladder and it’s pretty upright to that wall we have to climb.

Pieces of advice we were given were:

a) Lower your expectations – OK (tick) I’m not going to be J.K.Rowling today.

b) Don’t give up – OK I’m still going to be another J.K.Rowling tomorrow.

c) Don’t let others discourage you. OK you may laugh, but I AM going to be the next J.K.Rowling.

d) Remember you are a NO NAME brand trying to compete with the leading brands in the field. Johan brilliantly likened it to 3 tins of baked beans No Name (Tesco’s), Farmer’s Choice (Ocado), Koo (Heinz)(=UK) we need to get into the Farmer’s Choice market to deliver Koo standard books.

e) You need to pitch your books to the centre for a middle-class audience if you wish to sell a lot of books – that’s OK middle-class kids like pirates.

f) Remember you get 40-55% when you self-publish, as opposed to 12-25% with a typical publisher, and new names get less publicity with them because we are the no-name brand. Find your niche and do it yourself. – OK (tick).Kids books stressing anti-bullying and it’s ok to be different through story format, got it.

g) In SA you are local, your reader can meet you, touch you, talk to you YOU ARE REAL use that, let them know every time you will be at SKOOBS, come meet with you, but a copy of your book, get it signed, but more importantly dedicate it. OK I’m going to next be at Skoobs on…… I will be at School XYZ on …….

h) Use economies of scale, try to print at least 500-750 books at a time so that you can keep the price of your book down. IF YOU CAN’T FIGHT WITH A FAMOUS NAME FIGHT WITH PRICE.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. If you don’t share, others will stop sharing with you. OH and by the way, we will be reviewing who has shared on this site after 6 months – so if you want the benefits of what we have to offer, you need to share too – IT IS NOT A ONE WAY DOOR.

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