Indie Author’s Book Fayre

Michael  My pic for books

Had the most amazing meeting with Michael Howard yesterday to discuss the up and coming Indie Authors Book Fayre he will be hosting in Magaliesberg.

Michael will be chatting about it on the 20th May at our next Indie Authors Networking meeting (Skoobs Theatre of Books 2pm,) Also talking (about distribution will be Johan Olivier.)

I strongly recommend that the Indie’s support this event, as I think it could be the start of something very big indeed. A spring into the events we have been discussing at our IAN meetings.

Just to give you an idea of the event Michael ran last weekend, the takeup Michael had for it was 400 people through the gates, with some vendors selling out by 12pm.

It’s a good opportunity for newbies to cut their teeth, the cost of tables will be very reasonable, and because there are a lot of newbies, Michael has agreed to let us share a table. There will be light snacks and drinks available too.

So if you were in any doubt, now’s the time to take the plunge. If you’re still too nervous, why not come along on the day – bring family and friends and see what it is all about, then pop over the road for lunch at the Black Horse

Only a limited number of spaces available.


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