The most precious gift you can give is time. I had the pleasure and privilege of spending lunch (and most of yesterday afternoon) with Aubrey Malden. This triggered the old grey cells and let me brainstorm marketing possibilities for my book Polly’s Piralympics. I cannot value highly enough how much this meant to me. He was brilliant.

aubrey MaldenHe was brilliant, oh did I already say that, well I’m going to say it again – he was brilliant. He made me focus on what mattered, how I can make people sit up and take notice of my book, but the one phrase that sat out most was,

“Find one that will influence one thousand.”

It was a tip in marketing that still has my mind abuzz this morning.

It turns out that Aubrey and I share a thing or two in common. We were born in the same hospital (though a few years apart), we haunted the same streets – Ealing Broadway being a favourite zone and we went to the same college, he to study Marketing and all things connected and me Saturday morning music college. SMALL WORLD.

And this is a man who knows a thing or two about marketing I can tell you.

Who is Aubrey Malden? (and here I am going to plagiarise directly from http://www.entertainment-online.co.za/aubreymalden.htm ).

Aubrey has worked in London, Brussels and Johannesburg. He’s been a Member of The British Creative Forum, Chairman of the Marketing Society in the UK, advisor to the CBI Council and voted, in Britain, a Member of the Marketing Elite.

Amongst his 96 advertising and marketing awards are 4 British IPA Effectiveness Awards, The Gold American Effectiveness Award, The Direct Marketing Effectiveness Award for Innovation, THE ONLY BAFTA to be awarded for a Cinema Commercial and has numerous national and international awards for print, poster, TV and Radio commercials and integrated campaigns.

He has been Creative head of the world’s leading new product development consultancy, Craton Lodge and Knight, a Creative Director for a number of international advertising agencies including Ogilvy and JWT, CEO of McCann Erickson in the UK and latterly was a creative head at Ogilvy and Mather, South Africa.

Clients he’s worked at director level include, HTH , Audi, Rolls Royce, Stewart Grand Prix Racing / Jaguar, Scottish Courage ( Britain’s biggest Brewer), Pfizer, SAB ( Castle, Amstel), Ford, Range Rover, De Beers, Panasonic, Schering, Cadbury, Kellogg, Roche, Unilever, GSK, Prince Charles’ The Prince’s Trust, The Health Education Authority, The Sports Trust, IBM, Shell, Nestle, and Orange cellular.

He is currently a partner at The Forensic Marketing Company and has recently published his second book, “Between The Briefs” Tales from the halcyon days of advertising. His, first and best-selling book, “Things The Brand Gurus Don’t Want You to Know.” Is a practical guide to brand strategies and advertising and marketing techniques, and has been distributed in over 20 countries.

Aubrey Malden 

Aubrey has agreed to come to talk to our Indie Authors Networking group in August about marketing, when I am sure he will also include – The Fred Factor – of how a 17-year-old shy immigrant, fresh from Zanzibar arrive in London, a complete stranger and within 5 years, and became one of the greatest vocalists and rock stars the world has ever known? he’ll tell how Freddie Mercury turned Wreckage into Queen and that he actually was not very good in those.

This will be a rare opportunity to see one of Aubrey’s talks. It’ll all be true. And it will rock you.


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