I love Skoobs Theatre of Books, you never know who is going to launch next.

Here I am with Gareth Cliff, radio presenter,with Gareth Cliff ex-Idols host, TV personality and radio presenter.

I was surprisingly impressed by this outspoken personality, and will definitely tune into ‘Cliff Central

He was charming, but most of all passionate about people’s right to free speech. One’s ability to express one’s opinion, regardless of how controversial providing there is no malice or hate speech.

Here in South Africa, they have the most amazing and broad Constitution, that represents everyone living here. I agree our most valued possession next to time, is our freedom of speech.  However, with that freedom comes responsibility. Think first, reply second.

All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and of course was able to catch up with friends too, Sian-Bronwyn Claven, Kim Hunter, Arthie Moore, Deborah du Plooy. and of course, meet the famous Indie Author, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, who has just release ‘28 Boys

#garethcliff, #jannweeratunga


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