Title revision – BIG REVEAL

OK after chatting with my Inuit FB friend Johnny Issaluk, I have decided to change the title of my second book. Johnny was kind enough to look over this book for me, and after due consideration and in respect of the Inuit people (whose Nordic Games this book is based around) I have changed the title to Polly’s Inuit Piralympics (Eskimo Paralympics for Pirates).

I would also like to thank Tonia Lennox for her unerring support of my writing and her work on my cover designs. Also Sallyann Cole, for your patience proofreading for me, you are a lifesaver. the support it needs for an Indie Author to get from pen to print is immense and I am so fortunate to have people around me who believe in me – thank you all so much.

So keep ’em peeled for the launch of my second book, as there is just basically a few weeks left to go, and the second book of the Polly’s Piralympics series is nearly ready to fly.

If there are any would-be children’s readers, reviewers who would like to be listed for a copy, please let me know.

Meanwhile, with just three chapters to left, my 3rd should be finished soon – (that is if my new puppy behaves herself – currently sleeping – not for long though ha, ha, ha.) Then it’s down to the hard stuff like editing – yuck (YUCK!!! proofreading) and of course launching, marketing and sales – piece of cake really.

#pollyspiralympics, #inuitnordicgames, #johnnyissaluk, #kidspiratebooks, #piratebook, #paralympics

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