RANT! Indie authors get a raw deal in South Africa

I am a proud Indie Author. Currently, I have my book Polly’s Piralympics (Middle Grade) available through Skoobs Theatre of Books in MonteCasino Johannesburg, South Africa.

I approached MY LOCAL MALL BOOKSTORE (probably the biggest is South Africa) to stock my book. The Manager read and liked my book and wants to do a Saturday morning book signing/event and then stock my book. I am one of a handful of local author ie I ACTUALLY LIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM THE STORE.

Their policy is that book buying IS DONE by individual managers, so far so good.

The manager said to contact head office for a Vendor form so they can buy books from me.

A week later I have to chase up HQ to be told I had been overlooked and that they would check and get back to me (which in fairness they did.)

The letter I received reiterated that individual shop managers order for their shops, however, I have to be registered with a distributor to take my books the 1km down the road and hand them over to the shop.

So far the distributors I have contacted only deal with the Publishing Houses – LET ME REMIND YOU I AM AN INDIE AUTHOR – no publishing house.

I would genuinely like to thank the manager at my local bookstore for trying to help me. As for the policies of your company – no wonder you closed 4 stores recently. As an Indie I can come into your store and personally sign books, meet readers and interact with your clientele – YOU KNOW THE PERSONAL TOUCH which actually sells books. This I have and will continue to do at SKOOBS THEATRE OF BOOKS who by the way have launched over 100 Indie authors and have a brilliant relationship with us.

Therefore anyone wishing to buy the Polly’s Piralympics series please go to Skoobs or contact me directly.

I will be at Skoobs this Saturday from 2pm and again on the 7th April 2017 at 7pm. Please feel free to approach me to sign a book for your school, or child and have a personal messaged penned.


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