Eskimo/Nordic Games – what are they?

I sent off my second book Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics, to Johnny Issaluk to check it over for me. Johnny is an Inuit. A very Special Inuit. He is a Nordic Games participant and has won over 200 medals. He is also a recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal. So I was/am super excited that he agreed to do this for me.

A while back I approached Johnny to help read over my book Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics, to ensure I haven’t made any stupid mistakes and cause a cultural incident, and he kindly agreed.

When I write, I rely heavily on the internet for research info, but it can be easy to misinterpret and get things wrong. So I was keen to make sure the details for my book are as accurate as I can make them.

One day when I was researching something else I discovered the Nordic Games. I was hooked and decided to use them in my Piralympics series of books.

The Games are held annually and designed to reflect skills that one would need to survive in the land of snow and ice.Events I included were:                                                                                                    One foot High Kick                                                                                                                                            Blanket Toss                                                                                                                                                        Drop the Bomb (I called airplanes)                                                                                                              Arm Pull                                                                                                                                            I also included other skills used daily by the Inuit/Eskimos: like fishing, and driving their sleds, as well as older skill like building Igloos (Less essential in todays modern age but never the less used occasionally.) I found their world fascinating and hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to get the opportunity to visit their world and see the Games first hand.

I have shown below the logo as well as some links should you also be inspired to look further into the games and the world of the Inuit people and their neighbours. It’s a great topic to teach kids about in school and as it is held annually can be fitted in with the Olympic, Paralympic and Special Games to give kids around the world an all round education., Nordic Games Symbol

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