So you chill out. And?

Well my favourite times are when I’m in the bush/jungle/forest. I love safaris and bird watching. Something I grew to love when I was living in Sri Lanka. Rukshan a close family friend would take me with him on trips into the jungle and teach me how to look.

Sounds daft doesn’t it. It’s not as as easy as you think just spotting animals or birds, you need to know where to look. He was very patient and slowly I got the hang of it. I’m glad I did because on Sunday after the Blues in the Park concert I wanted to check out how far away the lion and rhino park was, as I have family coming to visit soon.

So off we went. 400 meters ha,ha,ha. and there it was. As we turned the car the car to head home we spotted  giraffe and 2 buffalo by the fence – they call this the POOR MAN’S GAME DRIVE here in South Africa – when you spot game along a road adjacent to a game park. we were driving off when I spotted a lions leg sticking up out of the long grass on the other side of the road.


“Are you sure?”

My friend who was driving asked. So we turned around and sure enough there were 3 lions lying together and another 3 a short distance off. I got out of the car – glad that there were 2 electric fences between me and them I just stared. I was literally 2 meters from the nearest male lions. Shortly after another 6 lionesses walked through a gap in the bush and we watched 12 lions frolicking in the late summer sun.

NOW IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE – TAKE ME FOR A GAME DRIVE. I was in heaven! 12 lions just there on the other side of the fence. we continued to watch for about 1/2 an hour and then moved on as about 10 cars had pulled up to see what we were looking at and it was starting to get crowded.

I was soooooo lucky.

#jannweeratunga, #authorofpollyspiralympics, #kidsbooks, #lionsinthestreets



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