Polly’s is enroute to SkOObs

Polly is on her way to Skoobs right now. She is due to touch down at 11am this Saturday.


It’s been a long flight for Polly, but she, Captain Hake and the other pirates are about to find a home at SkOObs Theater of Books in Monte Casino this Saturday.

Polly’s Piralympics is a story set on the high seas. 18thcentury galleons, swords, walking the plank, gold doubloons, 21st century technology, sonar, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, prosthetic limbs, blades and racing wheelchairs make up the background to this original story.

Never before has there been a book written about pirates holding their own Paralympics, with event like the 3 legged race, the walk the plank diving competition, catapult shooting, climb the rigging gymnastics, fencing, and a Pirate Masterchef competition, plus many more.

Here vuvuzela playing Zulus; kilted bagpipe playing Scots; cowboy guitar playing Americans; tattooed Maoris; yellow turbaned Indian and Abba singing Viking pirates, all compete for Captain Kingklip’s locker of GOLD doubloons.

Polly’s Piralympics – the series – emphasizes daily ‘life’ lessons for young people. How it is not cool to bully others, how we should look after our planet, how cheats never prosper, and how it’s OK to be different. We all have challenges: can’t sing, one arm, can’t dance, one leg, can’t spell, one eye, can’t cook, we are blind, can’t play a musical instrument, we are deaf, we are all different, but disability does not mean inability and the pirates with their prosthetic arms, blades and racing wheelchairs show how they can take part in events, and how we can too.

So mum’s, dad’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, friends, grandma’s and granddad’s grab a child and bring them along to SkOObs on Saturday and meet Polly, as well as some of the pirates.

The kids can take part in a pirate fancy dress competition as well as the TREASURE HUNT so come join in all the fun.


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