Christmas is the time for MY little children

img-20161224-00969As Christmas Day draws near the feeling of Christmas Spirit in our home has been awakened. Our tree has been up for 3 weeks now and ever since the first boxes started to appear our pups have been hyper excited. So even though it is holiday time they are still waking me up at 5am every morning, (just watch, when it’s time to go back to work, love nor money would drag these dogs out of bed at that time in the morning.) no rest for the wicked eh?

This is one of my children, Jessie, checking out the her Christmas stocking and those of her two brothers. She is just so excited, she checks her stocking every few hours, and then sits by the staircase watching them, ha,ha,ha.

My big brown boy has had his head under the tree smelling out the presents. And the new cushions bought today have already been ‘stolen’ and dragged around the garden – because we are too busy to play with them, as we finish painting and making cushion covers ready for guests.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. It is such a wonderful time with MY children, they give unconditional love – barring a few treats and toys from time to time, and are always there to lick away my tears. They make my life feel complete. So tomorrow morning will be their time as balls and squeaky toys get thrown and played with, and chew get metered out over the next week or so.

So to all with furry children, enjoy this special time with them, they may on;y be a dog for many, but they are our children.


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