Adri Sinclair, my fairy godmother/angel

Yesterday I woke from an 18 hour almost comatose state of sleep as I tried to brush off the flu. (Today I have St Benedict’s Prep to talk to.) I was flicking through Facebook when I came across this post…


I was already too late for the 4 hr deadline, but thought, nothing ventured – nothing gained.

WELL, to my amazement Adri replied, she is a South African living in the UK, what were the chances of that? Not only that but she actually replied to my request. and this was the amazing result.


Sometimes in life we are just so lucky to come across and angel/fairy godmother and yesterday was my day.

Adri Sinclair doesn’t know me from Adam, but offered to produce a book cover free for me and I think it is soooo cool. AND I AM SOOO LUCKY.

Self publishing is a long and somewhat arduous journey, and when one is fortunate to have wonderful people around you (Adri, Debs, Tonia) it, well it just makes that journey so much easier and more doable. thank you all for being in my life and walking with me along this path.

Adri’s info is:      Where Books recommend Readers

I think today I must be the luckiest author on the planet, here’s to what adventure tomorrow brings



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