Bennies Prep tomorrow

So tomorrow will be the first time I am visiting St Benedict’s Prep (previously I have been at the Junior Prep). I will be chatting to the boys about elements in my book.

The grade 4’s know me from when they were in Junior Prep and we shall continue to learning process of being an Author, how we write and how we are all different.

Being different IS OK. We are all different in our own ways, tall, short, fat, thin, big ears, small ears, good at writing, bad at writing, good at science, bad at science, good at drawing, bad at drawing, good at maths, bad at maths. That is why we all do different jobs, because we have different strengths. Mine is I am (I think) good at writing children’s books, others are they are good at other things and become engineers, scientists, chefs, doctors, telesales people, receptionists, refuge collectors. we all have a place in this world, and that place is OK.

The grade 5’s will be seeing me for the first time and my talk will centre more around how we all have challenges and how we shouldn’t bully/tease others about their challenge, as they or others may just bully/tease us about ours too. Also how we can stand up to a bully – strength in numbers, and how friends can help. How we should show ZERO tolerance to bullies in out schools, clubs at home or where we play.

So wish me luck.

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