Why Should We Bother Remembering?

Many would echo those sentiments, especially the young today, who may feel it’s ‘old stuff’ But its part of the old stuff that actually matters. To look down the barrel of a gun, some lads only 16 years old (they lied to die for their country.) and to take another man’s life… It wasn’t a computer game, it was real. So should we remember them, I say hell yes. My grandfather was in the First World War. apparently he never spoke about it:

“Some things you just don’t talk about.” he would say.

So to all the youth out there in the world, just remember you are here today because of them.

Lest we forget

Poppy petals waft in the breeze,

Like soldiers lined up, but standing at ease,

Their crimson petal’s all aglow,

Reminding us of, graves in a row.


Thousands fell in those fields,

Where flowers blew gently in the breezes,

And now in those fields, their ghosts roam,

Far away and unable to go home.


And as poppies sway in the fields,

They remind us how good may never yield,

Those crimson red flowers represent today,

The terrible price those men had to pay.


Such simple flowers, of pretty red,

On this day, representing the dead

Of all the wars man’s stupidly started,

Today our reminder of soldiers departed.


So at the 11th hour on the 11th day,

Take a moment to remember to say,

Thank you on this November morn,

To all those fallen so we may be born.


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