Thoughts maybe from the trenches.

How did they while away their hours of boredom in the flee hoping, rat infested trenches. We watch films that glorify war, make it clean and tidy, but the reality was very different. Death, stench, decay.

Hours drifting into days, boredom and complacency the greatest enemy.

Staring at Infinity

On a dew laden morning,

As the sun tries to creep through;

Along the edge of an autumn leaf

A perfectly formed droplet reflects the blue sky.


As one gazes into its eternal depth

It becomes clear that I am staring at infinity,

As it stars back at me.


A cacophony of memories past, present and still in the future, flash before me,

Tumbling at the edge of my awareness

Gnawing at my consciousness


Reflections sparkle with morning freshness,

Like a crystal shard,

Thousands of repeated images bouncing back at me.


Windows into worlds unknown,

Universe of my imagination waiting to be freed.

Is my future here, in a dew drop?


Mine a myriads of others

Who have shared this same view,

All staring at time with no end.

Until suddenly,

The movement of a nearby blackbird

Disturbs the tranquillity

And the moment is lost forever,

As the droplet plummets to the permanence of earth.


My view into this other world,

Remaining only in the glimpse of my last memory,

And leaving me only to question


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