Lest we forget…

They all went to war, British, Canadian, South African, Turks, Indians, Germans, Russians, Aussies and New Zealanders. Not all returned. The futile carnage on both side was just madness.

Futility of War


Blood flows though the battlefields of time,

each drop shed,

another life lost to the inhumanity of man against man.


Time has born witness to all of man’s wars,

each battle a circle as men strive to out flank,

out manoeuvre, out kill their enemy.


In the beginning, weapons were simple…..

…. a blade to cut and thrust

…. an arrow to fly fast and true

But with the passage to time –

…. cannons, guns, grenades, bombs, missiles, rockets;

…. and with it?

Dirt; disease; distress and death!


Until a red river flows right to our doorstep,

touching all our lives, as it steals away our loved ones,

the very essence of our souls sucked dry as we fight against fellow brother.


The blood of the youth, staining the hands of all who play a part in this Ideal of Victory!


And where shall it lead us?

Where shall it stop?


Futility…………………. Nowhere!


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