Brilliant News! Polly will shortly be flying into the lives of pupils at Craighall Primary

Craighall Primary talk on Why Bullying is NOT Cool  just confirmed for March 2017!

Yes I just had confirmation from Craighall Primary that I will be going into the school on World Book Day (2nd March 2017) what an honour. The children will be dressed as their favourite characters from their favourite books and who knows maybe in 2018 they will be dressed as Polly the parrot or a pirate?

I will be talking to the children about why it isn’t cool to bully others. And how we all have how we all have challenges; some obvious – one eye, one arm, no legs; some less obvious – being deaf, blind of having a stutter; and some harder to detect – can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t spell, can’t ride a bicycle can’t cook, can’t play a musical instrument, can’t run 100m in under 10 seconds. How we shouldn’t pick on/tease or bully others, as maybe one day someone else may also bully us too.

this is a topic that I am passionate about and feel starts from a young age, which if halted early would make the lives of so may more bearable.

In my books some of the characters get bullied. In some cases nothing is done and they get very sad and depressed, reflecting the real world we live in. But on board ship there is a zero tolerance for bullies and they are dealt with severely. I also show what can happen if friend stand up for the victim against the bully, and how bullying can be stopped.

I can’t wait to go into Craighall Primary to enjoy an interactive day with the boys and girls and to see how ‘Polly’ can maybe influence their thoughts around the subject of bullying and physical and mental challenges.

So pupils at Craighall watch the skies for Polly to fly into your lives… and remember she is always watching you.


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