Ok so I remember discussing that I was a little bit famous – appeared in Clamour magazine. Well now I’m a little bit more famous. I have a Radio interview on the 14th November with Radio Eden AM1368 at 12.30. I shall be talking about my book Polly’s Paralympics and its companion book, How Polly Became a Parrot.

bullying-posterThese are part of a series of books Polly’s Paralympics (Paralympics for Pirates.) They look at how it is not cool to cheat, what happens to Catseye and Rook when they are caught cheating by the other pirates? Why is it wrong to bully someone? There should be zero tolerance for teasing, picking on or bullying anywhere. Captain Hake has a zero tolerance for bullying on board his ship, hear how mad he gets when he finds Polly the parrot being bullied.

We all have challenges, it’s just that some are, well, more obvious than others one eye, one arm, no legs. Others are a bit harder to spot, a stutter, blindness, deafness. The last group is the hardest of all and the one we pretty well all fall in to – can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t spell, can’t ride a bicycle, can’t cook, can’t run 100m in under 10 seconds, can’t speak 10 languages. there are things we all cannot do, that make life hard. So you shouldn’t tease, pick on or bully other, or one day they might just find out your challenge and bully you too. Bullying isn’t cool.

Find out how much fun the pirates have in their own Paralympics for Pirates, as they compete in the climb the rigging gymnastics, walk the plank diving, 3 legged race and Masterchef competition plus more. Pirates like their readers can, no matter their individual challenge. To be a pirates is to succeed. Disability does not mean inability.

So listen out on the 14th, or better still order your copy of Polly’s Paralympics and its companion book, How Polly Became a Parrot by contacting me on

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