I’m famous, ha,ha,ha

I had a message from Crew mate Belle’s Granny O last night and called her this morning.

Crew mate Belle and her mum had come to visit and they had decided to play Scrabble. Crew mate Belle remember is 6 years old, so playing against two adults is no mean feat.

Apparently crew mate Belle is very competitive.

“She suddenly became very excited when she realised she had the letters that spelt out your first name. So down they went on the Scrabble board. I was very impressed.” Gran O told me with more than a little pride in her voice.

I had met crew mate Belle for an impromptu one on one story reading a week ago, we had sat with feet in the pool and surrounded by my dogs; a brown Labrador, caramel Spaniel and liquorish all sort Husky/Collie cross. Story reading African style. After she had gone home Crew Mate Belle had apparently told her mum.

“…and I met the author, do you know what an author is mum?”

So there it is. I’m sorry crew mate Look but I think crew mate Belle has just piped you to the post as my #1 fan.

Yay I’m famous, I appeared on a Scrabble board!


For you FREE copy of HOW POLLY BECAME A PIRATE contact me janspicssa@gmail.com

#Scrabble, #pirates, #number1fan



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