Back to School at St Benedict’s

Yes today I feel like I’m 10 years old again.

This morning I will be chatting to Bennies Boys in Bedfordview, South Africa about what it is to be an Author and my new book Polly’s Piralympics. We will also chat about and why its not cool to bully someone with a disability.

Yes 10 years old again, oh how I wish. But I’m off to school to give a talk about that it is to be an Author and also to look at my new book Polly’s Piralympics (Paralympics for Pirates.) Why I wrote it and the importance of talking about disabilities with young people so that it does not become an issue for bullying.

As I said earlier I feel like I am 10 years old. I have butterflies in my stomach but the nerves are always good, it makes me edgy and alert for the questions the Grade 3’s will launch at me, and believe you me, they do.

Yes I have done this before, but his time it is that little bit more special as it is around my new book and an area I feel strongly about.

I believe we all have disabilities/weaknesses – can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t cook, can’t ride a bicycle, can’t run 100m as fast as Hussain Bolt. Its just, well some are more obvious than others, one arm, no legs, one eye, and then there’s the harder ones to see until the person talks, a stutter, being deaf, being blind.

Kids can be very cruel at school and my book and the subject of my talk today is to try to make them aware that even though they may seem ‘normal‘ we all have that weakness, and if we bully someone else, when others find out our weakness they will bully us too.

So I cant wait to meet with the Grade 3’s today and will no boubt blog later about my day, so follow me and watch this space… ttfn


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