Girls like pirates too

Bedtime stories at grandma’s house somewhere in Johannesburg.

Crew mate Belle gets to stay with grandma O once a week, both look forwards to this special time. Apparently her first question when she arrives at her house is,

“Where’s my book please?”

Polly the parrot’s adventures with the pirates have been waiting a whole week! And yes girls like pirate stories too. So after supper and a shower they settle down to read Polly’s Piralympics. Crew mate Belle is six and learning to read so grandma O has to help her out with the hard words, but they finish each evening with a bedtime story until crew mate Belle finally can fight off sleep no longer.

Grandma O told the author that she has been forbidden to read on and must wait for ‘their time together,’ to read the story. So until next week Polly and her pirate friends have to stay tucked up tight in her book, until Polly comes to life once more.

#girlslikepiratestoo, #readsbedtimestories

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